Post-operation reflection

I had an operation last week, and I’ve been in bed recovering for the past eight days. Today’s the first time I feel marginally better, but I still feel pretty heinous.

Anyway, I decided to write a post. Because I’m bored. And I feel like I haven’t done anything productive in over a week. And I don’t really think tweeting and writing lame posts on facebook counts as “writing”.

So these are a couple of things that have happened in the past week:

– I got a Pethidine injection last Tuesday – definitely the most exciting part of this ordeal.

– The woman in the bed next to me in my ward dropped her gallstone. It then rolled under my bed. This all happened while I was on Valium, which is why I think I dealt with it so calmly.

– I have a wound, that will turn into a scar, in my bellybutton; and another wound, that will also turn into a scar, a little lower down (this is the second surgical procedure that I’ve had in my bellybutton, oddly enough).

– I received a HUGE – as in MASSIVE – bouquet of flowers (with a “get well soon” balloon – score!) from work.

– I experienced more pain and discomfort than I thought possible.

– I patched things up with my parents (well, sort of) after not having spoken to them for almost two months.

– I was an idiot and decided to go out on Saturday night. I ended up at a very creepy flat in the middle of nowhere (okay, not really – it’s about two minutes away from Kloof Street) with three of my best friends, two of whom were involved in a (luckily not too serious) car accident later.

– I then slept next to the friend not involved in the car accident, who hid her crafting knife next to her under the futon in case anyone broke in to the flat. (HOW awesome?!)

– I realised (after aforementioned incidents) that I love my friends more than I can explain.

– My mom tried to feed me soup with red meat in it, knowing full well that I only eat chicken and fish (I’m still confused).

– I ate a lot of sweets (thanks Nina and Kristen).

– I had some very trippy dreams, courtesy of some very strong painkillers.

– I found out my brother’s been offered a scholarship to Duke University in North Carolina next year. I think this may have to do with the fact that he is possibly one of the smartest people I’ve ever encountered, and is top of the class in his MBA group. Shame, it must be tough.

– I realised that I’m 95.5% sure I want to make the move to Johannesburg next year.

– I re-watched a movie with an actor I used to think was pretty much the hottest guy I’d ever seen, and almost laughed when I saw him this time round (it’s Airborne, if you must know).

– I realised there’s someone I really care about, who I’m really scared to lose.

– I realised my dad was probably right when he said, “I think you need a guy; 36, maybe 37. I don’t know why you waste your time on the ones in their 20s.” [Note: this was already two years ago.]

– I discovered that wearing your hair in a French Plait for four days straight prevents it from getting all knotted (especially when you spend 90% of those four days sleeping).

There was other stuff too, but the list is getting a bit long, and those painkillers are kicking in.


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